Commonplace Book

A Commonplace Book is a collection of quotes, aphorisms, and thoughts of all kinds that shape or form the compiler. I preach and teach so a notebook like this one, digital though it may be, is of real value to me. It’s organized to suit me so some categories may seem ill-suited to the sensibilities of others.

“The New Atheism is an epiphenomenon: it is but the smoke above the factory of market capitalism.” – Kim Fabricious, “Faith and Theology”

“I shall not find Christ at the end of my journey unless he accompanies me along the way.” – Esther De Waal, Celtic Way of Prayer

“it is better to be wrong than to be vague.” – Freeman Dyson, in The Sun, The Genome and the Internet

“When we confess our virtues to one another we become competitors; when we confess our sins with one another we become brothers.” – Karl Barth

“The argument against theodicies was hard learned. When Christianity is assumed to be an ‘answer’ that makes the world intelligible, it reflects and accommodated church committed to assuring Christians that the way things are is the way things have to be.” Stanley Hauerwas, Hannah’s Child, pg. 207

“We are exiles in the far end of solitude, living as listeners,
With hearts attending to the skies we cannot understand:
Waiting upon the first far drums of Christ the Conqueror,
Planted like sentinels upon the world’s frontier.” –
Thomas Merton

“Suffering, therefore, can only be consecrated to God by one who believes that Jesus is not dead. And it is of the very essence of Christianity to face suffering and death not because they are good, not because they have meaning but because the Resurrection of Jesus as robbed them of their meaning.” – Thomas Merton, No Man Is An Island

“Our chance to be healed comes when the waters of our life are disturbed.” – Elizabeth O’Conner from the Church of the Savior in Washington, D.C.

“…being a Christian always involves becoming a Christian.” – Peter Rollins in How (Not) to Speak of God

“You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people. You can’t save the people if you don’t serve the people.” – Cornell West; from a Starbucks cup

“Past is past. Past is not present. Did is not do. Was is not is.”
–    John Wesley Weasel in Book of the Dun Cow by Walter Wangerin.

“Being a servant of people displaces our judgments of them.” – St. Dallas Willard

“The Cry to God as ‘Father’ in the New Testament is not a calm acknowledgment of a universal truth about God’s abstract fatherhood. It is the Child’s cry out of a nightmare.” – Rowan Williams
“Patience, however, is truly a divine virtue. God is patient not because He is “indulgent” but because he sees the depths of all that exists, because the inner reality of things, which in our blindness we do not see, is open to Him.” – Alexander Schmemann, Great Lent: Journey to Pascha

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