Prayer for Lent: Pt.1

Lent is not only a time of fasting but it alsoopen-hands-childs, and most importantly, a time for prayer. The hunger pangs of lent are there to inspire us toward prayer and repentance.

Let me encourage you to think deeply about your prayer life this Lent. How might you invigorate it? Let me suggest two things that might enhance your praying this season.

First, pray the Psalms every day. I’ve attached a sheet drawn from the Book of Common Prayer that provides you with the Psalms to read every morning and evening of the month. I’ve actually penciled these into my Bible. (For example: M11 equals morning prayer on the 11th and E28 stands for evening prayer on the 28th of the month.) This order is known as the canonical praying of the Psalms and it takes you from Psalm 1 through to Psalm 150 each month. You’ll find yourself reading more than one Psalm at a time but each selection is roughly the same length.

At times you may find that the assigned Psalm doesn’t share any point of connection with your life. It is still good to read and pray the Psalm because it may become a source of encouragement or strengthening at a future time. More often though, you will discover that the Psalm for the morning or evening fits your life perfectly. You may find the Psalm praying for you—putting into words what you were wrestling with but couldn’t describe.

Click here for the Daily Psalm readings:  Psalter~Morning and Evening

Another approach to prayer is a little bit more involved. On Monday I’ll discuss the value of praying “The Daily Office” from the Book of Common Prayer.

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