Fridays (or Wednesdays) with Flannery: #6

self-portrait19532What offends my taste in fiction is when right is held up as wrong, or wrong as right. Fiction is the concrete expression of of mystery–mystery that is lived. Catholics believe that all creation is good and that evil is the wrong use of good and that without Grace we use it wrong most of the time. It’s almost impossible to write about supernatural Grace in fiction. We almost have to approach it negatively. As to natural Grace, we have to take that the way it comes–through nature. In any case, it operates surrounded by evil. ~ from the Habit of Being, pg. 144

The best fiction and the best preaching include a kind of ambush. Approaching the subject sidewise and seemingly accidental. Seeing the truth for what it isn’t is often the only place we can start. It’s usually the only believable one.

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