Hidden in Christ: Wrath

Many of us think God is up in heaven chewing antacids just to keep himself from getting sickabout our sin. – pg. 85

It’s easy to think that the wrath of God is something that God essentially is rather than something that God has. God’s wrath is against sin, evil and injustice. It is something that God rightly possesses and sometimes expresses. However, it is not an attribute of God. Love, holiness and beauty are descriptions of God’s nature. In  contrast, wrath is something God does not something he is. It is an attitude God directs toward that which is harmful to his creation and destructive to his people.

Wrath is not God’s disposition toward us; wrath is God’s arrangement regarding sin. 

God is love. God’s disposition toward us is, and forever remains, love. If we reject that love and go our own way we feel a void that we will try to fill with the pleasures of sin. – pg. 86

James Bryan Smith reminds us well that the wrath of God is not an antiquated relic of  “old time religion”; nor is it the parodied picture of an enraged God ready to explode. It is God’s powerful and effective  “arrangement regarding sin”, his way of dealing with that which destroys.


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