Saint Tom on “Love as the Name of the Game”

N.T. Wright has said something much like this before:

“Love is the language they speak in God’s world, and we are summoned to learn it against the day when God’s world and ours will be brought together forever. It is the music they make in God’s courts, and we are invited to learn it and practice it in advance. Love is not a duty, even our highest duty, it is our destiny.” – N.T. Wright, After You Believe, pg. 188

This is a great video featuring N.T. (Tom) Wright commenting on the centrality of love in the Christian life. Thanks to Scot McKnight for posting this on Jesus Creed.

Love is the Name of the Game


One thought on “Saint Tom on “Love as the Name of the Game”

  1. I like the angled mirror metaphor of seeing God in us—not so that we can look into the mirror at God in ourselves, but so that “justice and love would be reflected through us into the world”. Also like the present hope/instruction in “renewal not abandonment”. This all goes nicely along with the poem I posted today.

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