Are We Making an Idol of the Family?

Last week news broke that Jesus might be married. (No real evidence of course but an opportunity for the media to run with an exciting, provocative headline.)In that light I thought it interesting to post about marriage and family.

Conservative Christians have long promoted the family as the cornerstone of society and of the church. Nuclear families are the most important communities on the planet. Ben Witherington says, “not so fast!” Discipleship to Christ enhances family life making stronger marriages and developing better parents. However, the nuclear family is not a replacement for apprenticeship to Christ and our first family, the body of Christ. There is an increasing emphasis upon biblical parenting, biblical manhood and biblical womanhood. These all imply that there is only one way to arrange a family life. There is only one way that gets it right. Could these emphases misplace our attention on details that are resolved when mothers and fathers, husbands and wives develop as disciples of Jesus?

Do you think Witherington is on to something here? Is there something we are overlooking?

Family First!— Not a Biblical Viewpoint


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