Spiritual But Not Religious: Part Deux

You say you’re spiritual but not religious. I say that your spirituality is limited to your head and not your body. Religion, in spite of all it’s shortcomings (and there are many), is embodied spirituality. It is that place where our spirits come in contact with God and one another. I don’t deny the shortcomings of religion. Nor do I deny that the church at large is often tone deaf to the genuine concerns of sincere people. Ditching the church for a freelanced spirituality only removes important voices from tough conversations we in the church need to have.

This little post from Lillian Daniel has been around for awhile but it is so good that it’s worthy of a re-post. Her wit is acerbic, a bit tough, but good teaching. She takes to task those who cling to a spirituality that has no need for the religion, tradition or the communion of saints.

On top of all that she’s funny.

Spiritual But Not Religious? Please Stop Boring Me.


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