“Seeing Her”

Teaching an Old Testament survey course is a joy. It is also a challenge. There is too much information to cover in one semester. Scheduling the material is an exercise in strategic abandonment. What stories have to be left behind? Who do I have to talk about? What stories must I include to adequately address the subject?

One can understand the Old Testament without the book of  Judges. But Judges remains my favorite. The gore and sheer inappropriateness of its material makes it a rollicking good time. It raises more questions than it answers and it keeps me, and I hope the students, hooked to stories from the “underside” of the Bible. One of those stories is recalled below by Richard Beck, psychology and theology professor from Abilene Christian University. “Seeing Her” tells the story of telling the story, the worst story, in the Bible.


Seeing Her by Richard Beck

Beck’s Blog:  Experimental Theology


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