Masculine Christianity: #1

“What the church desperately needs now is a prophetic voice reminding us to value both men and women as equally and wholly made in the imago dei. At the risk of sounding patronizingly obvious, this can not happen when the biblical text is intentionally re-written to exclude women and it can not happen when one aspect of God’s view of humankind is exclusively staged to norm the other.  Christianity ought to have a cruiciform feel, not a masculine one.”  –  Lindsey Hankins

There has been much ado about John Piper’s comment regarding the “masculine feel” of Christianity. Those on one side of the aisle rush to his defense and decry the feminization of the church and the losses the church has to face when men fail to take up their God-given mantles of leadership, control and protection of women and children. On the other side there has been a hue and cry attacking Piper’s use of Scripture and what many believe to be his tacit misogyny.

Lindsey Hankins provides some excellent thoughts on the rhetoric of masculinity at Jesus Creed:  The Rhetoric of Masculine Christianity.


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