“The Redemption of Time” by David Henson

Christmas is not quite over. Remember, when we follow a different calendar we listen to a different story. The story of Christ incarnated, crucified and resurrected. The story of Christ with us introducing the Kingdom of God.

“To celebrate Christmas on Jan. 3, when we are all returning back to work, is a most basic act of civil disobedience, a simple act of justice, a spiritual discipline. To celebrate Christmas when others are rushing into the false hope of a new year is a reminder that our time is precious and should be savored rather than offered for sale. To continue to celebrate Christmas when it is already being forgotten is to begin to wake from the fog of consumerism to the new reality of the birth of Christ and the Reign of God.

To celebrate Christmas today is to begin to squeeze ourselves and our camels through the needle’s eye.” – David R. Henson

I urge you to read the rest of David’s blogpost at:  The Christian Calendar as Civil Disobedience

HT: John Carter


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