Kingdom® and Copyright©

Here is a post about Mars Hill Church in Seattle and their demand that another church change the name that they share. The irony is not so slight.

Another Argument on Mars Hill

Also included is a public notice from another congregation, Watermark, who politely warns others against copyright infringement.

Why you shouldn’t name your church Watermark

On a somewhat similar note, Notre Dame University is demanding that the high school in Chapman, KS (pop. 1300) stop infringing on their rights as well. I guess Chapman HS merchandise was flying off the shelves. The video shows the people of Chapman responding with class.

Notre Dame comes down on KS High School

One thought on “Kingdom® and Copyright©

  1. We should probably trademark The Wheatland Mission. I would hate for people to get confused and think we are all worshiping the same God. That would be terrible.

    These stories just break my heart. It’s no wonder the lost are lost.

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