Lost In Translation (and denominational politics)

Students and church members often ask me why there are so many Bible translations. I typically respond with a smart aleck response such as, “there’s money to be made in re-marketing the most widely published and sold book in history.” In spite of my quest for a punchline I must admit that I am grateful for the number of translations and versions available. No translation is perfect and every translation can reveal something before unseen to the thoughtful reader.

This is why I find the recent resolution passed among SBC delegates so troubling. The resolution, and the reasoning behind it, can be found in the following Christianity Today editorial. I noticed that this issue caused the editors of CT to be a little smart alecky themselves. Their concluding joke plays well with me.

Here is a nod to Eugene Nida who recently passed away. His pioneering work in Bible translation makes him an unsung and unknown hero to those of us who love the Bible:   Eugene Nida

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