“Original Goodness?”

One of my favorite musical artists is John Hiatt. The Indiana born, roots rocker sounds like he came from the Mississippi Delta. He is humorous and heartfelt, a great song-writer. One line from his song, “Tennessee Plates”, says:

If they’d known what we was up to they wouldn’t ‘a let us in
When we landed in Memphis like original sin

I’ve always loved that line both because its clever and because it gives a nod to the world of theology. How much John Hiatt knows about Augustine and his theological inheritors is anyone’s guess. However, he taps into the human knowledge that life isn’t the way its supposed to be and neither are we. Humans are tainted by a basic corruption.

But knowledge of our basic corruption sometimes blinds us to the work that God is doing in our lives now. In addition, it can blind us to the original goodness and beauty of creation itself. That goodness of creation was reaffirmed in Christ’s incarnation and his continued humanity.

James Clendenin does a great job reminding us of the beauty, glory and goodness of God’s creation. All of creation, including humanity, may be corrupted by sin and evil. Yet sin, evil, and corruption are not original. God’s creation is good.

Read his post:  Original Goodness: A Prayer from Outer Space




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