St. Stanley on Lust, Greed and Faithlessness

Stanley Hauerwas has a very thought provoking article on ABC’s Religion and Ethics. He questions the relationship between greed and lust and encourages the reader to consider greed as being something greater and deeper than a mere desire for more money. Here’s his article: Can Greed Be A Good?

Here’s an excerpt:

Greed is thus rightly called a deadly sin because it perverts the possibility of a proper human relation to the Creator, from whom we have received all that we need as gift.

Greed presumes and perpetuates a world of scarcity and want – a world in which there is never “enough.” But a world shaped by scarcity is a world that cannot trust that God has given all that we need.

Greed, in other words, prohibits faith. But the inverse is also true. For it is in the Christian celebration of the Eucharist that we have the prismatic act that makes possible our recognition that God has given us everything we need.

The Eucharist not only is the proclamation of abundance, but it is the enactment of abundance. In the Eucharist we discover that we cannot use Christ up. In the Eucharist we discover that the more the body and blood of Christ is shared, the more there is to be shared.

The Eucharist, therefore, is the way the Christian Church learns to understand why generosity rather than greed can and must shape our economic relations.

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