Edith Schaeffer’s Prayer for L’Abri

But in addition to these conversations and discussions, something else was happening.

People were finding it hard to ‘shake off’ what they were living through.They were there while we were praying for things that they later found had been given …

They were being given (not by us, but by God’s answers to prayers) a demonstration that God exists …

It was a combination which could never be ‘planned’ or ‘put on’ as an exhibit … it had to be real.

… a completely new work … would never have been possible if we had not been uprooted completely in every way, and if in that uprooting we had not decided to pray for God’s solution and leading every step of the path as it wound through unknown territory.

We also prayed that if it grew, God would send us the workers of His choice, rather than our trying to advertise or get people to help us … So not to advertise, but simply to pray that God will send those of His choice, and keep others away, is a different way of doing things.

We don’t say everyone ought to work this way, we simply say we feel we were led by God to do this as a demonstration that He is able to bring the people to a place – even a tiny out-of-the-way place … and only to bring the ones He wants to have there for His purposes.
Edith Schaeffer


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