I Don’t Like Nazi’s

Or the cavalier use of the term in debate and discussion. I bet I’ve done it before and perhaps you have too. But, it seems that when one begins use the term Nazi in a discussion form they have both forgotten who the Nazis were (and what they did) as lost the debate.

Here is Rod Dreher’s comments on the subject: 

What a Nazi is

Wednesday August 19, 2009

Categories: Politics (general)

Leonard Pitts, Jr., is sick of people bringing the Nazis into American political debate. As we move further away from the Nazi era, people with no historical memory of what Nazism meant are more apt to deploy their legacy for partisan purposes. Pitts writes:

For the record, then: It was Nazis who shoved sand down a boy’s throat until he died, who tossed candies to Jewish children as they sank to their deaths in a sand pit, who threw babies from a hospital window and competed to see how many of those “little Jews” could be caught on a bayonet, who injected a cement-like fluid into women’s uteruses to see what would happen, who stomped a pregnant woman to death, who once snatched a woman’s baby from her arms and, in the words of an eyewitness, “tore him as one would tear a rag.”That’s who the Nazis were, ladies and gentlemen — those obscenities plus six million more. They were the triumph of ideology over reason and even over humanity, the demonization of racial, religious and political difference, the objectification of the vulnerable other. And the authors of a mass murder that staggers imagination, still.

Pitts concludes, with respect to the victims of the Holocaust:

You and I may no longer respect one another, but is it asking too much that we still respect them?

Amen, brother. I am reminded of the only time William F. Buckley lost his composure in public. It was on live TV in the 1960s, when Gore Vidal compared him to a Nazi. Buckley and Vidal had both served in the military during the Second World War (though neither, i think, saw combat), and knew what the Nazis were all about. Buckley’s outrage was entirely correct at that obscene comparison. Here’s that clip:


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Nazi’s

  1. i have to agree. such a strong, horrible “thing”. not like any other word, not just a regular adjective.

    i had a German teacher in HS who refused to teach/talk about the holocaust. seems important to talk about no matter how hard to comprehend.

    still think i want to go see the new Tarantino flick. maybe.

  2. “Auschwitz was the supreme, most diabolical attempt ever made to murder martyrdom itself and, failing that, to deprive all death, martyrdom included, of its dignity.”
    Emil Fackenheim

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