Good and Beautiful #4

Our most recent chapter in The Good and Beautiful God by Jim Smith includes the soul training exercise of “margin”. This is the process of building open space into our life. This allows more time for relaxation, sabbath, prayer and allows us to be more available to one another and to needs around us. So, the question is:

Have you been able to cram some margin into your life this week?


3 thoughts on “Good and Beautiful #4

  1. Margin elbowed its way into my life this week without much choice by me. I’ve been mostly without transportation since Sunday evening, so I’ve had to delay a couple meetings until my car is fixed. My TODO list at home hasn’t shortened, but I’ve never ever been a Type A personality. I treat the list rather casually.

  2. I think I may have incorporated margin into my life already — at least, I’m not sure what I should do differently. It seems to me that margin is more an attitude than a practice: holding time loosely, being willing to let some activities go so that you can do something you hadn’t planned but which is more important, prioritizing on the fly. I like to make lists, and they help me get a lot done. But I am trying to remember that, to paraphrase the Master, “the list was made for me; I was not made for the list.” I don’t need to feel guilty or frustrated if I choose during the day to do something more important and so leave other things undone. (OK, I admit, sometimes I still feel bad about that. It’s a process.)

  3. Not sure that cramming margin into a life is the best way to describe it 🙂

    For those of you still wanting to find a little margin and I understand that both Joe and Riley have had tough weeks, you might consider having a pizza delivered so everyone gets a night off and eating from napkins or paper plates and then just using that time not cooking or cleaning to hang with family. Or if you find tv, talk radio, etc. as a major fixture, then go without it for an hour or two some evening, morning, as appropriate.

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