The Hurts So Good Film Festival

I am doing my best for the cause by sending this promotion to all 6 of my readers. The Hurts So Good film festival will take place next Wednesday night, August 5th. This is the start of something special-a series of the worst possible films ever made.

Find out more about the “Hurts So Good” film festival.

What is your nomination for the worst film ever?


3 thoughts on “The Hurts So Good Film Festival

  1. I wanted to make a nomination, but either I have never seen a movie I didn’t like or I have repressed the memories of all the bad movies I’ve ever seen. Sounds like an interesting idea, though.

  2. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is first on my list. Followed closely by Yellowbeard. I confess, though, I fell asleep partway through Yellowbeard, so I could be wrong.

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