Good and Beautiful #1

James Bryan Smith, in The Good and Beautiful God, encourages the reader to engage in suggested “soul training” exercises each week. For our first session we discussed the importance of rest and some of us even experimented with getting more sleep. I can’t remember anyone saying that they had had too much or even enough sleep.

For this second session there are two “soul trains” we can try. The first is silence. Simply sitting still, comfortably enjoying and participating in quiet. No words, no distractions simply taking time to sit still and be quiet. The second is “awareness of creation”. With the lights of the city, the continual hum of interstates and busy streets and the general noise of life it is often difficult to be aware, deeply conscious, of the beauty and intricacy of creation. Whether that is watching birds on your porch, listening to frogs in the evening or trying to see a star or two in the night sky.

All three of these exercises require intention. They rarely happen on their own. Each of these exercises are more about being than doing. Rather than making them happen we create the environments where rest happens,  silence occurs and enjoying creation can take place.

As you attempt these feel free to share here what your experience is like. Do you find it difficult? Do you wonder what’s so nice about silence, creation or sleep?

Share as much or as little as you would like about these exercises.


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