Ah, Hell … there’s a good sermon

Recently I have listened to lots of questions about hell. These conversations have been very interesting and have included questions such as: Is there really a literal hell? If so, what is the point? Who has to go there?

Some folks have been informed in their viewpoint by C.S. Lewis and his conception of life after death in his book The Great Divorce which is an excellent little novel. Others have been influenced by a “little” (kidding, it’s 35 pgs., a mere 16,337 words) article entitled River of Fire written by an Eastern Orthodox theologian and similar in some ways to the The Great Divorce.

The cover story of the most recent Christianity Today is entitled: “How Tim Keller Found Manhattan”. Keller is a conservative Presbyterian pastor who planted Redeemer Church in the heart of Manhattan twenty years ago. Working with professionals in the arts, on Wall Street, and in a variety of political realms Keller has watched God work in the midst of his simple and straightforward ministry.

I’ve included a link to a sermon Keller recently preached on hell. It’s one of, if not the best, sermon I have heard on the subject. Note however, that I have not heard that many. Let me know what you think.

Keller’s Sermon on Hell

… and an article he wrote on the same subject:  The Importance of Hell

HT: Bob Hyatt/bobblog


One thought on “Ah, Hell … there’s a good sermon

  1. Just read “The Importance of Hell.” Wow… He is spot on. This is the kind of preaching on hell that the church (and the world) needs desperately. It brings everything into its proper focus: God’s love, Jesus’ sacrifice, our value, our daily lives. We talk blithely and often about being “saved,” but the phrase has no meaning unless you have some idea what you’ve been saved from — and too many of us have no idea at all.

    So, when will we be hearing this sermon at Wheatland? 😉

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