It’s a coot!

img_0774Thanks to my friend Rich I was able to identify this little guy who decided to take up residence on my porch last week. Part of the “rail” family the American Coot is not worth eating and is a poor flyer. It’s no wonder that he is a poor flyer when you take a look at those feet the poor thing has to haul aroud.

He evidently thought this cast iron pig (don’t ask) sitting on my porch looked like one of his kin. We enjoyed having this little visitor on our porch. He’s more interesting than his big, messy Canada goose cousin.


8 thoughts on “It’s a coot!

  1. Until I found out what it was I was speculating that it was a young duck that was a hybrid. I thought it was young because its feet were so big… just like a puppy. I’ve not seen them on our ponds before but I’m going to go looking for them. Thanks for the info…

    … and cuckoos?

  2. I first saw coots at Sedgwick Co. Park where they’ve got several of them. The Canada geese and mallards still outnumber them there, so the darker ducks remind me of a clique of Goths in high school.

  3. I’m pretty sure ‘an old coot’ is what we used to call the bus driver when I was a kid.


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