Recession and Receding

Here are two articles, both a little old, but thought provoking and worth a read. What do you think?

The first is about the global economic recession and some ideas on how the church, and the individuals comprising the church, should respond. “Are You Recession Ready?” by Tom Sine the author of the classic Mustard Seed Conspiracy and a part of Mustard Seed Associates.

The second is about the coming receding/recession of the evangelical church. “The Coming Evangelical Collapse” by Michael Spencer, also known as iMonk.

HT: Tallskinny and nattyman


2 thoughts on “Recession and Receding

  1. I love the practical, real ideas proposed in the first article. I like his approach and I think there is a lot to learn and do in that one. I do wonder if the Evangelical Recession will be as bad as Spencer projects. I just heard a guy on Crown on BRN talking about how during times like these people turn to God.

    Like anything else, though, I hope the recession “opportunity” isn’t exploited by the churches. I think it’s great that we as the church take the opportunities Sine suggests to learn and do for ourselves because WE have a lot to learn ourselves. From that, we will be able to do better for others because putting this stuff into real practice proves it’s not just another opportunity to exploit the needy.

    I think the end result is a real, lasting transformation and not just a shallow thing that passes once the recession ends. In other words, practicing Evangelicals have to really practice or this “opportunity” could just become another reason for people to bail.

    Thanks for sharing these articles. It’s why I love you people at WM. I know you’re looking for real transformation.

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