“history is your story”

Rick Warren’s prayer at the inauguration was unapologetic, prophetic and completely, Christian. He remarked that “history is your story”, in reference to God’s sovereignty. Bravo RW.



  1. Jill

    Hmmmmm….you are right. This prayer was unapologetic, prophetic, and Christian. It was poetic and correct and well-spoken. When God heard his prayer, he smiled and nodded. But it was this prayer…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pEH37JIgBU…it was this prayer that I think made God weep. It is this prayer that I watch over and over, b/c this man _knows_ God. His rhetoric could stand alone, but it is the heart, coupled with the rhetoric, that makes me long to know God as this man knows God. I could have written Warren’s prayer. But I could not have written Lowery’s prayer, and I long to know the God of his prayer, the God not of intellectualism, but of the heart.

  2. Jill

    So I totally should not post blog comments after 10:00 p.m. I’ve been regretting my comment all day today (and am now unearthing myself from both a massive cooking project and a major cleaning up toddler boy puke undertaking to finally write again).
    The truth is…I was kind of disappointed in Warren’s prayer. I won’t deny that. When I listened to his prayer, and then later when I re-read his prayer, I thought it was a good prayer, but not a great prayer. But then, really, who the heck am I to judge prayers?! I mean…really. I was moved more by Lowery’s prayer, partly because of the rhetoric and passion, partly b/c of his history–this man had been nearly beaten to death during the civil rights era. What a history. What a story. But Warren has a story, too. And I’m wondering if that’s part of my problem with Warren’s prayer. Perhaps some of the things I personally don’t like about Warren got in the way of my take on his prayer, which I am sure was well-meaning and genuine.
    So, I’ll shut up. I guess I’ll let God judge prayers instead of me. What a novel idea. =-/

  3. paulhill

    Jill…great thoughts, thanks for sharing them. I liked Lowery’s too, the humor, the history and the pathos. He’s been through it. I felt it was really good to have him there that day.

    On an unrelated note. Jon Bowles and I were talking about you guys this week. Consider yourself cajoled… 🙂

  4. Jill

    Thanks for being so gracious, Paul. Would John Bowles still want us to be cajoled if he read my comment? Perhaps we _should_ consider ourselves cajoled. They changed their services to Sunday morning, though. It’s all your fault we can’t find a church. You totally spoiled us on the evening thing.
    (Way to take responsibility, I know.)

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