“history is your story”

Rick Warren’s prayer at the inauguration was unapologetic, prophetic and completely, Christian. He remarked that “history is your story”, in reference to God’s sovereignty. Bravo RW.


5 thoughts on ““history is your story”

  1. Hmmmmm….you are right. This prayer was unapologetic, prophetic, and Christian. It was poetic and correct and well-spoken. When God heard his prayer, he smiled and nodded. But it was this prayer…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pEH37JIgBU…it was this prayer that I think made God weep. It is this prayer that I watch over and over, b/c this man _knows_ God. His rhetoric could stand alone, but it is the heart, coupled with the rhetoric, that makes me long to know God as this man knows God. I could have written Warren’s prayer. But I could not have written Lowery’s prayer, and I long to know the God of his prayer, the God not of intellectualism, but of the heart.

  2. So I totally should not post blog comments after 10:00 p.m. I’ve been regretting my comment all day today (and am now unearthing myself from both a massive cooking project and a major cleaning up toddler boy puke undertaking to finally write again).
    The truth is…I was kind of disappointed in Warren’s prayer. I won’t deny that. When I listened to his prayer, and then later when I re-read his prayer, I thought it was a good prayer, but not a great prayer. But then, really, who the heck am I to judge prayers?! I mean…really. I was moved more by Lowery’s prayer, partly because of the rhetoric and passion, partly b/c of his history–this man had been nearly beaten to death during the civil rights era. What a history. What a story. But Warren has a story, too. And I’m wondering if that’s part of my problem with Warren’s prayer. Perhaps some of the things I personally don’t like about Warren got in the way of my take on his prayer, which I am sure was well-meaning and genuine.
    So, I’ll shut up. I guess I’ll let God judge prayers instead of me. What a novel idea. =-/

  3. Jill…great thoughts, thanks for sharing them. I liked Lowery’s too, the humor, the history and the pathos. He’s been through it. I felt it was really good to have him there that day.

    On an unrelated note. Jon Bowles and I were talking about you guys this week. Consider yourself cajoled… 🙂

  4. Thanks for being so gracious, Paul. Would John Bowles still want us to be cajoled if he read my comment? Perhaps we _should_ consider ourselves cajoled. They changed their services to Sunday morning, though. It’s all your fault we can’t find a church. You totally spoiled us on the evening thing.
    (Way to take responsibility, I know.)

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