from the Abbey #1


The time at the Abbey was spent resting and praying, praying and resting. These trees are near the cemetery attached to the monastery.


This is the cross atop the Abbey church. This structure was built in 1957 and is a combination of beautiful religious architecture and 1950’s sci-fi design.

The monastery itself is 150 years old. Three monks arrived in Kansas from their motherhouse in Pennsylvania. Their efforts have resulted in this Abbey, which at it’s zenith held 170 monks, a sister congregation for women called Mt. St. Scholastica, and a university, Benedictine College.

img_03312The motto of Benedictine monks is Ora et labora. This is translated “pray and work”. The life of a   Benedictine includes participating in a daily experience of praying through the Psalms and commitment to a life of labor whether that be in the realm of education, the parish, art or whatever the monk is gifted in.

This is, Father Blaine Schultz. A more gracious host would be hard to find. He proved to be a helpful guide and new friend.


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