Silence, Blog and otherwise

St. Benedict
St. Benedict

This week I have the opportunity, thanks to the board of our church, to spend three days on retreat at the Benedictine Abbey in Atchison, KS. The thought occurred to them to send me away to pray, rest, and pray some more. Their thoughtfulness and generosity are much appreciated. I treasure their friendship.

I have been a bit “blog silent” lately and that silence will continue for at least the next three days. I hope to share some of my experience with the monks when I return.

Let me also share that our family will be taking a semi-sabbatical during the month of November. School and other obligations prevent us from leaving town for more than a few days at a time but our church responsibilities will be scaled back for a few weeks as we rest and pray. I also want to say thanks to all of you at Wheatland who have helped make this possible. Your generous friendship is a treasure to our entire family. May God bless you.

2 thoughts on “Silence, Blog and otherwise

  1. Be blessed Paul as you meet in quietness and in search of Jesus’ face, that you may gaze into His truth and be blessed with wisdom, strength and truth. May you find peace and rest for your restlessness and strength for your weariness. May joy and hope fill the deepest part of your spirit.

    Shalom y amor en Cristo, Qp

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