Do you fly the green “E”?: Emerging, Emergent, Missional, etc.

Some of you have, in recent months, asked questions about the relationship between the Wheatland Mission and Emergent. Some have asked, “Is Wheatland Emergent?”. Still others have asked, in general, what the deal is with the Emerging/gent Church. What is known as the “emergent conversation” is something that I have followed, listened to for the last few years. Still, the terms, the players and the conversation partners are varied enough that without some background it can be a little bit confusing. Maybe a lot confusing.

Scot McKnight, the uber-blogger of Jesus Creed fame and a widely respected, evangelical New Testament scholar, has recently written a great piece on Emerging, Emergent and many of the other terms and personalities that are all a part of this phenomena.

He includes in his blog a link to a PDF by Biblical Seminary’s president Dave Dunbar called: “Missional, Emerging, Emergent: A Traveler’s Guide“. His little review is somewhat helpful in understanding this diverse, and sometimes, amorphous, movement.

McLaren recently wrote this article for CT that focuses on Brian McLaren and his impact on this movement, group, conversation, thingy… McLaren is articulate, provocative and kind. (That last comment is not only the report I hear of him regularly but my experience in meeting him at a conference many years ago when he was a pastor and a much less polarizing figure.) I am disappointed that McLaren has jumped into the political fray so fully. It seems that those issues he is most concerned with are best promoted free from the personality driven, popularity contest that presidential politics has become. (Lot’s of p’s there.)

Tallskinnykiwi, also known as Andrew Jones, works around the world observing, reporting on supporting all kinds of new church initiatives and movements. Here is a post of his that directs to a great number of links on this subject. (His blog is great by the way.) Check out these two posts: Now that we have stopped emerging and Ed Stetzer on the Emerging Church.

Too much info? Probably so but it also represents how nuanced this entire thing has become. Happy reading!


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