Life Together #6: Getting Still, Getting Quiet

There are many days when I feel as if I have been shot out of a canon. Going a million miles an hour, tumbling head over feet through the air, I search for my bearings in order to find a place to land. I know that I am not alone.

Getting still, getting quiet and letting God re-orient us through prayer, meditating on Scripture and simply being in his presence is at the heart of a life lived in his Kingdom. Bonhoeffer says it this way:

“…Scripture meditation leads to prayer. We have already said that the most promising method of  prayer is to allow oneself to be guided by the word of the Scriptures, to pray on the basis of a word of Scripture. In this way we shall not become the victims of our own emptiness.

2 thoughts on “Life Together #6: Getting Still, Getting Quiet

  1. This is exactly what I have been trying to get back to lately…. Life has felt empty, I’ve been struggling with depression a lot, and as I’m trying to make sense of the purpose of it all, I think leaning on Him, being with Him is what it has come down to (not that I have succeeded a lot in practicing it yet). Thanks for the quote.

  2. It is odd to suggest it but I think that the main concept is simply being present to God and allow him to work through us as we pray, meditate and read. Actively attending to the fact that he is there and he cares.

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