Our new communion “roundabout”

This past weekend I found myself laughing during communion. Yes, it sounds so wrong but I somehow think that it was much less sacrilegious than it felt. With the new chair arrangement at the Foundry I noticed that everyone was walking up to the communion table wondering whose turn it was to go next. It looked like a four way stop crossed with a roundabout. This guys has some similar thoughts on communion.

Perfectly Timing Your Communion Walk – From, Stuff Christians Like

HT: Tom Jackson


3 thoughts on “Our new communion “roundabout”

  1. funny stuff.

    we checked out the other evergreen location (there are two apparently), and enjoyed it. we’ll be going back this week to get a better feel- sounds kinda silly (feeling it out), i know. i’m glad you turned us on to that group. we checked out imago dei too, also a cool thing. how’s wheatland? we miss you guys.

  2. Calana and I visited Imago Dei when we were in Portland a couple of years ago. It was pretty cool. Kind of big but that’s ok.

    Wheatland is well … but not as good w/o the Jacksons!

  3. Was a little “miffed” at first instinct to see that I couldn’t sit on my “regular side” of the room, but have been noticing as of late that change at first irritates me even if it’s for the good. I’m getting old!

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