solzhenitsyn: requiescat in pace

Please forgive me, (sign of the cross) it has been over a week since my last post. Some biggies have died recently including the comedian Bernie Mac and the musician Isaac Hayes. However, there is one who passed away recently who won’t get the press coverage he deserves but whose voice would be especially useful in light of the craziness in Georgia.

I regret that I never had the stamina to read the Gulag or Red Wheel Cycle. I did read One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich in High School but can hardly remember it. There’s some good info on A.S. here: Solzhenitsyn.


4 thoughts on “solzhenitsyn: requiescat in pace

  1. I may never understand why it’s a shock to my system when I hear about the death of a person behind a famous name. Maybe it’s because I usually think of them only as a name, part of the machinery of Modern Culture and not also a soul.

    Huh. Okay. I do understand. I just forget.

  2. I read “The First Circle” while I was in Kiev. Not good for one’s peace of mind.

    He was a brave soul, and a good writer, and he’ll be missed even if the media don’t consider his passing worthy of note.

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