Does it mean you have “arrived” when…

… you receive a request to do an interview on the influence that Kansas, and our deep religious heritage, holds over the upcoming presidential election? I’m not sure if the interviewers fully understand the electoral college. Come to think of it, I’m not sure that I do. Unfortunately, I was leaving Wichita for New Orleans the day that Ms. Tove ____ was in town for the interview.

Dear Pastor Paul Hill,

Norwegian Public Broadcasting is doing a news feature on the importance of Kansas in the upcoming election and the role of faith and values when it comes to what issues voters find most important. In this relation we were wondering if we could sit down with you and talk about the upcoming election, what are the important issues discussed in your congregation and what role will faith and value play when evangelicals decide who to vote for this year?

My correspondent, Tove _________, will be in Wichita this Wednesday as well as Thursday morning and was hoping she could spend just 20 min.of your time talking about some of these issues.

We highly appreciate your consideration of this request.

Best regards,

Stine Kromann _________
Executive Producer

Scandinavian Broadcasting
2000 M Street, NW, Suite 890
Washington, DC 20036


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