Gilead #3

I have really fallen down on my blogging responsibilities this past week. As all of you know, life is complicated, rich and wonderful. In the midst of all this “life” one pleasure I have enjoyed the past two weeks is reading the novel, Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson. It’s a book about an elderly pastor writing a diary for his young son. He knows he will die before his son becomes a man and wants to fill the boy in on his life.

Here is some advice from father to son:

I don’t know exactly what covetise is, but in my experience it is not so much desiring someone else’s virtue or happiness as rejecting it, taking offense at the beauty of it.

There is so much in life that can’t be learned anywhere but within a story. There is so much growth that has to take place by ambush. When we’re not looking something happens and we end up different. That is one result of good storytelling.


4 thoughts on “Gilead #3

  1. i have that book on my nightstand. i found it 6 mos ago at a thriftshop and thought it looked interesting. i finished my other book yesterday, so i’ll have to pick up G next. thanks for the tip.

    the other book i finshed was “A Daughter of the Land” by my fave antique author, Stratton-Porter. anyhow, it was a fictional story about the ambush…and the kind of person it produces (if the ambushed allows).

    here’s to growth via ambush!

  2. I remember Brennan Manning saying something like this, “On the 10th of May, 1974, in a cave in Loretto, Spain…I was ambushed by Jesus of Nazareth.”

    I am all for that.

  3. “That is one result of good storytelling.”

    Of story writing, too, esp. when the story becomes a bit of fire in one’s bones.

    It really is amazing how beautiful things offend when they’re not my own. Rrr. Gee, thanks, Paul. 😉

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