Embracing Grace

I had a conversation today with someone struggling with the whole issue of God’s grace, the gospel and how the Gospel is sometimes held captive and used as a club to drive people toward desired behaviors. Many people have experienced this and many of us have unknowingly perpetuated that kind of behavior.

Scot McKnight, the blogger at Jesus Creed and the author of Embracing Grace, describes the gospel as that which creates a “cycle of grace”. Here are his words:

So, when I use “embracing grace” in this book, I am referring to the unleashing of an endless cycle of grace that can end what Philip Yancey calls the “cycle of ungrace” in our hearts and world. Here is the flow of grace:

God embraces you and me and
God embraces others and
God embraces the whole created order.


You and I embrace God back and
We embrace others and
We embrace the entire created order.

I tend to think that this is right. The story of God creating the world, Jesus entering into and saving the world (including us humans) through his death and resurrection is where this cycle begins and where it finds its energy to continue on through the ages. This “cycle of grace” is so central to what God is doing in the world that I want to do everything I can to a part of it, to get in on it, so to speak. If God really is behind it then there is probably nothing I, or anyone, can do to stop it but I sure want to be one of the many through whom it flows.

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You can find Embracing Grace here: Embracing Grace: A Gospel for All of Us

You can (and I really hope you do) listen to Scot McKnight here speak about The Whole Gospel


2 thoughts on “Embracing Grace

  1. thanks paul. i listened to McKnight and really like what he has to say. is he difficult to read? i’d like to check out his book.

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