¿Music Wednesdays? … the Reivers

I had almost forgotten about the Reivers but I had heard some discussion about another triple crown winner and was reminded of one from the ’70s named Secretariat and remembered that the Reivers had a song by that name. The Reivers (AKA Zeitgeist) were a band from Austin, very cool, ’80s alternative group, named after William Faulkner’s last novel. So Al, if your reading, here is a hat tip to you for completing your Masters Thesis on Mr. Faulkner… a few years ago.

Also, here is a classic, semi-goofy song from the same era. Stan Ridgeway’s, “Mexican Radio”. Do you remember the pot of beans?

Love the ’80s production quality.



  1. paulhill

    That and friends with great “cassette” collections. Our radio stations played a steady mixture of Willie Nelson and .38 Special.

    Happy Anniversary by the way.

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