¿Music Wednesdays? … the Reivers

I had almost forgotten about the Reivers but I had heard some discussion about another triple crown winner and was reminded of one from the ’70s named Secretariat and remembered that the Reivers had a song by that name. The Reivers (AKA Zeitgeist) were a band from Austin, very cool, ’80s alternative group, named after William Faulkner’s last novel. So Al, if your reading, here is a hat tip to you for completing your Masters Thesis on Mr. Faulkner… a few years ago.

Also, here is a classic, semi-goofy song from the same era. Stan Ridgeway’s, “Mexican Radio”. Do you remember the pot of beans?

Love the ’80s production quality.


3 thoughts on “¿Music Wednesdays? … the Reivers

  1. That and friends with great “cassette” collections. Our radio stations played a steady mixture of Willie Nelson and .38 Special.

    Happy Anniversary by the way.

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