Two Friends in the Blogosphere and Out

Brad and Rustin are two very good friends of mine. Rustin and I are almost related (brothers in law) and, along with Brad, we share a lot in common related to small church life, missional living, and the general work of pastoring.

If you don’t frequent their blogs you should give them a try. Here are a couple of recent posts that each of them had that I think you’ll enjoy.

Brad recently wrote an article for his denomination’s magazine on the use of the word “missional”: Missional-More Than a Buzz Word

Rustin is guitarist and songwriter, in addition to being a pastor, which means he has great taste in music. Or, at least, he has my taste in music. Here is a clip of Daniel Lanois an old favorite of mine and one of U2’s past producers. If you go to today’s post you’ll see his homage to Bo Diddley.

Both of these guys are in my blogroll, along with cHill24, so check out all three of them. Seems like it’s time to expand ye old blogroll. Eh..?


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