Hauerwas on Prayer

Stanley Hauerwas is an interesting combination. He is the son of a bricklayer from East Texas and received his Ph.D. from Yale. He is a pacifist but he cusses like a sailor. He is an academic theologian, ethicist, and philosopher who has taught at Notre Dame and Yale. He is also, apparently, someone who takes God and prayer seriously.

Not long ago he was described as “America’s Best Theologian” by TIME Magazine. He responded simply by saying: “Best is not a theological category.”


6 thoughts on “Hauerwas on Prayer

  1. How weird that you would post on Hauerwas. I had a friend just loan me one of his books– “A Community of Character.” I’d never heard of him before. He is one of my friend’s favorite authors.

    I haven’t attempted it yet because it seems pretty academic.

  2. i recall setting schedules for bathing clients with cerebral palsy and on top of that “tried” to schedule their bathroom needs… stupid me!

    I too cussed like a sailor when their bowels didn’t move on schedule. Yep even with crap… God is God and I am not!

    i identified with his statements.

  3. So true isn’t it? With summer upon us it is easier to get a handle on time than it is during the school year. Slowing down, not just once a day or once a week, but deliberately slowing all of life in order to experience and follow God more closely is really difficult.

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