The Resurrection of the Son of God … wrap up

I mentioned earlier that it would be impossible to do this book justice in a few blog posts so I want to wrap up this up by pointing any interested readers to some links where Wright speaks about the resurrection and where others interact with his book.

The Resurrection of the Son of God enjoys a lot of applause from the evangelical world because he clearly makes his case and does so by appealing to the plausible historicity of the Christ’s resurrection. He doesn’t approach the subject as a detective or journalist, as some others do (rightly so), but as an historian. In do doing he reminds his reader that the work of history is not the study of events that can be repeated in a lab but the study of events that are, by nature, unrepeatable.

It goes without saying that everyone would benefit from reading this book. It also goes without saying that you need stamina and dogged determination to get through it. Of course it is well worth the read.

Also, check out one of his more recent books that deals with a lot of the practical implications of Resurrection, Surprised by Hope.

Tim Keller comments on The Resurrection of the Son of God along with his new book, The Reason for God. The article is here: First Things. You can find the quote by itself in Rustin’s blog: TK on NTW.

James Hamilton has a fair minded review in the Trinity Journal.

Here is what can only be described as a hostile review by Robert Price. Now a non-theist (atheist) Price’s review is scathing and almost humorous in its invective. He call’s Wright the “the grinning spin-doctor of the Grand Inquisitor”. Ouch! One needs a running start for an insult of that magnitude. Not for the faint of heart.

Finally, there is the N.T. Wright page which includes many different articles on numerous subjects, including the The Resurrection of the Son of God, along with other reviews, video/audio of Wright speaking in numerous settings and so forth. It is worth spending a little time there.

Forgive my link-happiness.

2 thoughts on “The Resurrection of the Son of God … wrap up

  1. Can’t believe with all those links that you would have missed a review, but I found another one.

    Only kidding.

    Darren King(?) reviewed Surprised by Hope on the Precipe Magazine (on my blogroll, although you may already have seen it elsewhere) site. I saw it in the archives.

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