Christ Plays … No. 3

A few years ago, after preaching the first sermon in a series on Genesis, a woman approached me thanking me for teaching through the first few chapters of that book without reference to such things as the age of the earth, evolution or creationism. Her experience with the book of Genesis had primarily been in the realm of such discussions instead of the God’s care for creation and his ongoing mission in the world.

Creation matters deeply. In part because it is God’s. However, it is also important because creation is where God does his work and where we do ours.

Eugene Peterson quotes the inimitable Wendell Berry:

It is not allowable to love the Creation according to the purposes one has for it, any more than it is allowable to love one’s neighbor in order to borrow his tools.

The creation deserves to be loved and cared for because it is God’s. It is also the place where we find ourselves participating in God’s work. Peterson continues:

The Christian life is the practice of living in what God has done and is doing. We want to know the origins of things not to satisfy our curiosity about fossils and dinosaurs and the “big bang” but so that we can live out of our origins. We don’t want our lives to be tacked on to something peripheral. We want to live origin-ally, not derivatively. (pg. 54)


5 thoughts on “Christ Plays … No. 3

  1. once the garden produces we can all share in the spoils of tending God’s creation. couldn’t have done it w/o a wheelbarrow. 🙂
    i’m dreaming of fresh salsa – everyone loves to say “salsa”!

  2. nice thoughts, Paul. thanks for sharing. now for some captain obvious: Peterson really is so gifted with words. i’m grateful people like him exist so people like me can find an outlet.

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