A Little Wendell Berry for Earth Day

On our church’s blog Jennifer mentioned that, in addition to Scripture, the writings of Wendell Berry had guided her perspective on how to interact with creation. Our surrounding culture promotes a greater awareness of the problems that face our environment. Berry encourages us to love Creation not for what it can do for us but for what it essentially is.

It is not allowable to love the Creation according to the purposes one has for it, any more than it is allowable to love one’s neighbors in order to borrow his tools.  – The Gift of Good Land, 1981


2 thoughts on “A Little Wendell Berry for Earth Day

  1. While reading through the newsletter for the Dyck Arboretum, his poem “The Peace of Wild Things” was mentioned. Guess I better go check it out.

  2. One thing I like about Berry is that he is not what one would consider a normal environmentalist but some concerned with conservation. His ideas are rooted in both tradition and Scripture, he lives them out himself, and he is a wonderful writer to boot.

    He is a great novelist, essayist and poet. Good all around.

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