Brennan Manning and the “One Question”

Any Brennan Manning fans out there? Here is a little gem from a recent talk.

I especially appreciate his phrase, “we shaped our lives in response to your love”. Ask yourself the question: what shapes or forms you? Is it in response to Jesus’ love for you? Is it a motivation from God’s Spirit? -or- Does your motivation come from a sense of trying to earn God’s love or gain someone’s approval?


4 thoughts on “Brennan Manning and the “One Question”

  1. Am actually reading “The Signature of Jesus” by him right now.

    Was going to ask you if the N.T. Wright book was easier to read than C.S. Lewis (since I’ve only just recently been able to concentrate on books with more than one character in them again), but then watched Anne Rice’s videos about her sources from her website. She mentioned not to be intimidated. So I think I will try it.

    I love her enthusiasm in the videos! She’s so refreshing!

  2. You might ask Karmen about Wright’s book called Surprised by Hope. It covers a lot of the stuff in this book but adds some other stuff as well.

    In terms of readability I put Lewis and Wright near the same place. Lewis uses some vocabulary that is both British and old…Wright uses British vocabulary too and he is pretty academic. I agree, don’t let it intimidate. It’s worth the read.

  3. how can we get to woodcrest columbia’s campus? ha.
    that was beautiful.

    kim…if i can read wright, anyone can. i think you would love him!

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