Anne Rice and N.T. Wright

Here is a very interesting conversation with both Anne Rice and Bishop Wright each of whom are mentioned in the previous post. Some of my thoughts on Wright’s book The Resurrection of the Son of God are coming shortly. Hearing Rice’s opinion on this book (which are toward the beginning of the recording) is really refreshing.

Here is the conversation between the two held at Grace Cathedral: Anne Rice and Tom Wright


3 thoughts on “Anne Rice and N.T. Wright

  1. Thanks for the kindly mention. Meeting Bishop Wright was a terrific experience for me, though I felt rather strange on the stage in the auditorium near Grace Cathedral. I feel more like a street corner evangelist at times, testifying with an Evangelical-Roman Catholic passion for my belief in Our Blessed Lord. I feel like I should be standing there in the wind with the bible in one hand and one of my novels in the others declaring: “I believe in HIm!” Thanks again for spreading the word. The internet is magic at keeping alive these moments in time, which once slipped through the cracks. God bless you, Anne Rice.

  2. Anne-Thanks for the comment. The image of you standing with Bible in one hand and one of your novels in the other is great. We have God’s work in the world on one side and our experience of the world on the other. Together they form our proclamation of the Gospel.

    I also appreciate the description of your experience in reading much of the “Jesus” scholarship. Not many have the time or the opportunity to read this material reflectively. Sharing your intellectual response to the theories proposed by the skeptics is helpful for those wondering what to make of this latest wave.

    Karmen-welcome back. Congrats! to Doug.

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