Easter Oratorio

My largest Lenten reading project has been to complete The Resurrection of the Son of God by Bishop N.T. Wright. I am on pg. 401 of 738 pages of text. (There is another 100+ pgs. of bibliography and indices.) It has been a good experience and enjoyable, mostly. Some days the reading has been a bit daunting as I have found my mind wandering or my eyes closing.

Most scholars consider Wright’s book to be the most up to date and definitive defense of the resurrection of Christ ever undertaken. He is one of the premier scholars of the New Testament alive today. It is unthinkable that any thorough study of the Apostle Paul or the supposed “Quest of the Historical Jesus” be accomplished without his contributions.

Even with his enormous scholarly output Wright took time, several years ago, to write the libretto to Paul Spicer’s Easter Oratorio. Not content to write only academic material Bishop Wright plunges into the beautiful as well with these following words, just in time for Easter.

Into that strange, unmapped new land,
Round the forbidden corner, through
The locked and bolted door, we grope,

Prisoners released upon a larger world.
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2 thoughts on “Easter Oratorio

  1. Good for you, press on! Sounds like a book that I want to say, I like to read that, may I borrow it? But as soon as I had it in my hands I would be asking why do I do this to myself? Besides there are STILL so many books that I have that I’ve not read yet sooooooo.
    The title and subject seriously interest me but it’s probably too “brainiac or intelligentsia” for me. It’d have to be on a trial basis and if I didn’t finish it you’d have to promise not to laugh at me nor tell anyone. Seriously, I’d like to discuss this book further. Thanks for the post!

  2. not only are you extremely intellectual…you’re so amazingly artistic (poetic, doodling and musical). love your mind…amongst other things.

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