One of my favorite people: Eugene Peterson

I have lots of favorite people. The three of you who read this blog are at the top!

My bro in law Rustin posted this video on his site. This brief conversation is so rich that I found it worth including at this site as well. It is 28 min long but if you sit through it all I think you will find yourself the richer for it. Eugene Peterson is the author of such books as Under the Predictable Plant, The Jesus Way, Eat this Book and he is the translator/writer of the Bible version The Message. Enjoy…

My (current) favorite Peterson quote: The way of Jesus is always local and ordinary.

HT: Rustin, and internetmonk

4 thoughts on “One of my favorite people: Eugene Peterson

  1. Point Loma!!!!! I know this place!!! Been there…stayed there. My aunt just retired from being some kind of assistant to the Pres. there. How interesting. It’s kind of known as the more ‘liberal’ Nazarene university.

    Eugene Petersen is a loverly man. Thoroughly enjoyed all 28 minutes!

  2. loved it! both the speaker and the journalist. thanks for sharing.

    Several thoughts I liked :
    The fragmentation of the individual in our society. Very important. I do not know how to restore the “we.” It is bound to happen with the rising gas prices…so maybe by the end of our lives we can begin to see that restoration take place. Looking forward to it/ scared to death of it.

    I enjoyed the discussion on ‘the message’ and how each language has it’s own rythm, colloquiums, etc.. and to translate literally you take away the meaning of the scriptures. I’d never thought about it like that before. wow.

    I do think it’s important to remember to whom the writings of scripture were pointed. I think a lot of self-loathing/hating/wretching occurs based upon scripture that was written to a large group of people who were betraying the grace of God…scriptures that were trying to motivate them with words. There is a lot to say on this topic. All of this thought is in response to his writing of isaiah in the message: “if isaiah had to say this to america what would he be saying…” and is also a response to some of the depression I see in our own congregation.

    “most of what we’ve learned about god/life is wrong.” I didn’t quite understand where he was going with this…the idea that we have it wrong from the get-go. I need this explained to me.

    The last fascinating thing he said was about “imagination being the training ground for faith.” It’s a true statement. Christendome likes to believe that faith is something that is based on solid understanding, which is , of course, an oxymoron. I love the concept of faith and it’s liberation.

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