“River of Love”: T-Bone Burnett

Indulge me as I share a blast from my past. T Bone Burnett is a legendary musician and producer and one of my favorites. He is famous for working on the Oh Brother Where Are Thou? soundtrack and you can seem most recently in the video with Robert Plant and Allison Krause for the “Gone, Gone, Gone”.

This is a great song. Enjoy…

I remember watching this performance on TNN, the Nashville Network, which is now long defunct. By the way, for you musicians out there, that is the famous violin/fiddle player Mark O’Conner on the left. I totally dig the black and white 80’s suit.

5 thoughts on ““River of Love”: T-Bone Burnett

  1. Was wondering where I heard this song before…It’s on the Leslie Phillips “The Turning” CD/LP from the Christian/Gospel section of my past in 1987.

    Loved “O Brother”!

  2. Yes. T-Bone and Leslie Phillips (she later took the stage name “Sam Phillips”) are married, or at least they were, back in the day. I assume they are still together.

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