I Like Kansas

Here is a great set of pictures from the Quivera Wildlife Refuge near Great Bend. We live in country rich with wildlife and beauty that we easily overlook. You don’t have to look very far to see some of God’s elusive creation, you just have to look closely.

Enjoy this meditation on God’s creation.

Quivera Wildlife Refuge

4 thoughts on “I Like Kansas

  1. Isn’t that neat? There is one picture in the collection that I can’t identify. It is a flock of birds in flight from right to left. I think they may be meadowlarks…any thoughts? The clip is toward the end of the presentation just before the prairiedog.

  2. Wow, those pictures are so beautiful. When I saw the picture of the deer, all I could think of was Ethan saying, “He killed them? Why he killed them?” over and over after seeing a picture of the deer my brother shot this year… Pictures of cows don’t really inspire the same feelings in us as a picture of a deer in the wild, do they?

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