NOW is in Wichita on Faith and Politics

The PBS newsmagazine NOW was recently in Wichita and interviewed a variety of people from Central Christian Church, Immanuel Baptist, and Westlink. There are some friends of the Wheatland Mission that you can see toward the end of the piece.

God and Politics 2008 

Also, I have attached a link to a Pew Charitable Trust study on “young white evangelicals”. It is interesting to see what they (you) are thinking. In case your wondering, I don’t fit their category of “young white evangelical”. Two of the descriptors fit me but one doesn’t.

Young, White, Evangelicals 


4 thoughts on “NOW is in Wichita on Faith and Politics

  1. i kind of have a problem with the “young white evangelicals” study. why must the broad brush of people who seemingly can’t think for themselves be the default template for those discussing a sub-group of the population that happens to vote conservative? “Oh, you’re a conservative? Aren’t you just a cute little naive being. I bet you couldn’t handle the pressure of thinking for yourself, or you would be socially progressive like us.” I don’t hear of studies wondering why 78% of young or old, evangelical or non-evangelical african-americans are registered democrats. “There must be some kind of illogical hold on these people, brainwashing–they obviously don’t think for themselves.” It would rightly be absurd for someone to state this. So why does this assumption exist for white evangelicals?

    I know, the stereotype exists for a reason. However, when discussing sub-groups of the population who happen to vote more or less as a block for “progressive” candidates (like ted kennedy and robert byrd) there is little questioning of voter motive.

    btw, I’m a registered independent. I think for myself and generally vote republican and, increasingly, libertarian.

  2. i just re-read my comment and think i came across a little (cough) strong. please take my comments with with however much salt you need to digest them. or just ignore them altogether.

  3. Ok – so maybe a little strong – but no less accurate. Sometimes we do have to be blunt. Not everyone gets it when you hint around 😉

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