Obama’s Faith

Throughout the web, and many e-mail forwards, there has been a lot of discussion about Barak Obama’s faith. Some of these forwards and posts can only be described as mean spirited and others are simply ill informed. The link below is an interview with Obama published in Christianity Today. This is an opportunity to let him speak for himself.

Barak Obama in Christianity Today.

Here is a link to Snopes which debunks some of the rumors of Obama’s Islamic faith.

Obama a Muslim?

HT: Brad M.

What do you hear about the faith of some of the other candidates?


5 thoughts on “Obama’s Faith

  1. Thanks for posting this. I have been suprised at the misinformation that is out there. I have relatives who seriously believe he is a secret islamic spy who is trying to infiltrate the govt. so they can bring us down!

  2. Wow I was very surprise… really I was! this was the first time I came across this interview. I am now going back in history to find out more about our past presidents, their faith, their success as presidents and where they stood in certain areas.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. It’s interesting that 42/42 presidents in the history of the US claim(ed) to be Christian. There is one position that doesn’t bode well for a presidential nominee–to be a non-Christian. Some of our presidents have been good and some have been bad. Is it bad to put this priority way down on the list? I’m not judging Obama or any other candidate here, but why would someone who really wants to be president claim any faith other than Christianity?

  4. I agree with you Teason. One reason I find the article in CT so useful, and the articles at snopes.com, is because of the spurious posts and e-mail forwards about Obama’s supposed militantly Islamic faith.

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