wherefore art thou, Romo?

Today I have converted to a Packers fan. Brett Favre must lead this year’s “team of destiny.”

Thank you to all who expressed their very kind condolences over the Cowboy loss. I could not have kept from gloating…thanks.


4 thoughts on “wherefore art thou, Romo?

  1. I predict Green Bay vs. New England and I further predict Green Bay as champs! I’m an AFC guy but I’m pulling for Favre or however the old guy spells his name! grin

  2. “so now what happens to the “boys”? I asked.
    “that’s it! they’re out this is the playoffs dear.” my beloved answered.
    “oh…oh no! that’s right it is the playoffs!” … i think i was in denial. get’em next yr!

    I’m with brother brad-GO FAVRE!

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