Celtic Christianity

One of my closest friends identifies his two favorite holidays as Easter and St. Patrick’s Day. Paul’s Irish so it shoudn’t be too much of a surprise. This year he receives a special gift because St. Patrick’s Day lands during Holy Week. Two for the price of one.

The link below is an introduction to Celtic Christianity and recent book that talks about the valuable contributions this ancient form of our faith can make to our 21st Century journey. Also, after teaching on Psalm 8 this past week I thought his discussion about the differing views between the Celtic and Irish church regarding the nature and dignity of man would be useful. Enjoy.

Introduction to Celtic Christianity by Phillip Newell.

Link up with Celtic Daily Prayer.


One thought on “Celtic Christianity

  1. I have some Irish ancestry and I like to celebrate St. Patty’s day by enjoying a pint of Guinness and a then a lively bout of fisticuffs – preferably with someone smaller and weaker than I (which is hard to find – not the Guinness, but someone smaller and weaker).

    Thanks for the link.

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