Reformed Missionality from Lewis Smedes

I am not Reformed. Theologically speaking, that is. However, I have much respect for those in the Reformed tradition and those who hold strong commitments to Reformed Theology. (Is there any other way to be reformed than to do so strongly?) Tim Keller is one modern day, missional pastor for whom I have a lot of respect. Lewis Smedes, a theologian from Fuller Seminary, is another. Smedes died in 2002 but prior to his death provided a lot of guidance to Christians of all stripes as a theologian and ethicist. In My God and I: A Spiritual Memoir he describes a basic missional theology gleaned from a Reformed perspective. It’s good stuff and something I hold to as well.

Faith in Christ not only gave us hope for life in heaven, it gave us a point of view for valuing life on earth. That view can be summed up in four short sentences.

1. In the beginning, God made the world wonderfully good.

2. Near the start, the human family brought evil into the world’s awesome goodness.

3. In the end, God will come to fix his world and make it altogether good again.

4. In between, his children are to go into the world and create some imperfect models of the good world to come.

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