Tim Keller on “Salt and Light”

Another Tim Keller spot. Very good stuff about living as a missional people in the 21st Century.


3 thoughts on “Tim Keller on “Salt and Light”

  1. I love Hauerwaas but mainly because he is humorous. I haven’t spent enough time to read his books with understanding. It’s good stuff I believe.

    Keller is good at holding the two extremes together. That is an important thing to keep in mind.

  2. Don’t really know either of them but Keller intrests me as God seems to have “blessed” (?) (not sure it’s a blessing) me with being able to see boths sides of issues also. It’s very hard some times to be perceived as sitting on the fence so to speak and feel like an indecisive person. Especially on very passionate topics! The word taffy comes to mind, middle ground is a very difficult place to be, maybe even more so as a Christian. I may have to check out Keller a little more and any others like him. I would like to cultivate, God willing, what I see as a gift of bringing the best of both sides out of each and hopefully helping find some positive middle ground if you will.
    Oh well, just some thoughts, thanks for listening!

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